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In the 1980’s we were the first to pioneer surname histories by computer such is our commitment to new product development. In 1990 we introduced the world’s first Coat of Arms by computer. Arguably, we still have the largest databases of both products and the fastest throughput. This commitment to new products speaks for itself, but apart from our pioneering approach, our systems are clearly the most reliable in the field, whether the systems are located in a hot dusty Highland Games running from a portable gas generator or in a pristine department store.

We are the leaders in the industry and as any leader will attest, you can’t stop pushing ahead.

Our Team of Licensees

Two licensees have recently celebrated their first 25 years with us. One was the first license that we signed up. Not bad for a product that started to be licensed in North America 26 years ago. That’s why we call them a team of licensees. All of our licensees work together, whether they are from Maine or California, Australia to Ireland everybody works as a team not because they have to, but because they realizes that team-work helps everybody find new and better ways of marketing the product. Check out our online forum for many new ideas. We encourage teamwork: all licensees are treated fairly and equally. No special deals.


All licensees have a list of our current suppliers. Many licensees buy direct from them, for the most part, these suppliers have been with us for years. If a licensee wishes to source materials locally, they are free to do so. We are not in the supply business. You don’t have to buy our parchments. We don’t gouge our licensees by charging them for each parchment. In fact, we encourage our licensees to print as many, free demonstration products as they wish – it attracts customers!

Recommended Hardware and OS

Today, it seems that computer specifications change on a daily basis, so be sure to check with our staff before buying the latest expensive computers that are really too overpowered except for your kids who want to play the latest games. We generally recommend almost any printer that can print on 11” x 17” or A3 paper, but we have our favorites so be sure to check our support forum.

However, if you plan on using your computer as a serious production machine, we do recommend that you install our software, your necessary print drivers and nothing else. Don’t let your kids install the latest games from the internet complete with viruses that destroy everything!

New Product Development Ideas

Our latest software which was released in 2014 was developed along with our Licensees and several new team members, with a fresh look and easy navigation this bods well for our future releases too. We are continually pushing the boundaries and looking to improve our product as well as the delivery methods to our licensees, where would we be without new product development teams like ours, still plugging away with dot matrix printers.


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