Why Hall of Names?

We provide the best possible software and database to our licensees at the best possible price

No Inventory

One of the best-liked features of our systems is that there is no inventory. Your inventory is in the computer waiting to be sold. The inventory doesn’t get damaged or broken, obsolete or defective. It’s not bulky or heavy.

No Quotas

Our licensees have no contractual quotas to meet. We believe that most entrepreneurs seek freedom above all else. Most licensees have personal quotas or goals as many are competitive, but they are personal only.


No Hidden Costs

Our Licensees pay a onetime only license fee. Licensees may purchase their supplies from us or they have complete freedom to purchase from whomever they wish. We are not in the “supply business”.

Non Competitive Product

If located in a regional shopping mall, store managers are happy to see our products, as they don’t compete with any of their products sold, in fact our displays draw customers to locations because of their popularity.

More great features


Seconds Count

Yes, seconds count when you have that long line of customers who want to buy our products.

How fast can you type? That’s how fast the software is, our most popular products can even be ordered using Function keys. Press one Function key, enter the name you want and press F1 – it’s printing – no fiddling, no merging of files.

Unlimited Sales Potential

That’s right; as fast as you can take the customer’s money, the system can handle the sales. Coats of Arms and Histories are retrieved and previewed instantly; and depending on the printer, usually take less than one minute to print.

Software Security

One of the reasons that our licensees have been around for so long is that we take security so seriously. Every day each licensee invests his or her time and energy to this product and the last thing they want to find out is that someone has hacked into their investment.


Contact Us

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